Know why we’re different.

The Dallas Morning News is an independent paper positioned for growth. Unlike the current trend of local news being acquired by private equity firms and national chains, we have been a family-controlled company for over 135 years.

From the people we hire to the way we work, let them tell you how we are different.

Know community & representation.

We are true local journalism. Our community matters. From FWD > DFW to philantropy in the public sector and representation within our company, The Dallas Morning News has made a commitment to the people in DFW both outside and inside our walls.

Know the DFW Metroplex.

North Texas is one of the fastest growing regions in the country, with major college and professional sports, the largest continuous arts district, and a diverse restraunt and nightlife scene. You need to know DFW.

Know the future of news.

Despie the perception that “news” is dying, we are thriving. We are finanically secure, have zero debt, and we are HIRING- not firing.  We have made the right moves to successfully put us in a position to win.

Know your benefits.

Life 360 is designed to help us each achieve a meaningful life through harmony, integration, and life alignment. We offer workplace flexibility, community service time off, and new benefits like a ROTH 401(k) option and generous maternity and paternity leave.

Know where you’ll fit.

We are growing across our family of companies. Whether at DallasNewsCorpThe Dallas Morning News, or Medium Giant, we have a collection of open positions across a wide range of specialties and responsibilities. Are you a fit? You’re only a click away to see.