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Company Overview

The Dallas Morning News is owned by DallasNews Corporation, the oldest continuously operated business in Texas, dating back to 1842.

Also part of the DallasNews Corporation family is Medium Giant, a marketing consultancy agency that provides clients nationwide with intelligence-driven, technology-enabled strategy, creative and media solutions. Offices are located in Dallas, Tulsa and Denver. Learn about career opportunities with Medium Giant here.


Robert Decherd President and CEO

Katy Murray EVP and Chief Financial Officer

Grant Moise Publisher and President




Leona Allen Ford Deputy Publisher, The Dallas Morning News

Gillian Breidenbach VP of Community and Civic Engagement, Medium Giant

Rudy Bush, VP Editor of Editorials, The Dallas Morning News

Katrice Hardy, Executive Editor, The Dallas Morning News

Amy Hollyfield, VP Managing Editor, The Dallas Morning News

Sue Kerr VP Audience Development, The Dallas Morning News

Eric Myers President, Medium Giant

Mike O’Hara SVP and Chief Information Officer, DallasNews Corporation

Mike Orren Chief Product Officer, The Dallas Morning News